Word for 2017 -the Year of the Advance of His Holy Invading Army of Lights!

FB aka Holy Spirit reminded me of this vision I re-posted 2 years ago (Vision at VCC from 5/4/12 -Unto the Lamb -see below for that vision) so I was re-reading it & asked Him what He was saying for this New Year & this Hebrew year we’re in -5777. He said the last 2 years the troops have been in training but this year, this is the Year of the Advance of His Holy Invading Army of Lights!

He reminded me of a teaching I’ve been listening to from Kat Kerr where she said that we should declare the things that are not (yet!), the things that we desire, according to the Desire of the Father, as though they are! And when we declare a thing according to the Word and the Heart of the Father, He establishes that upon the Earth! Then she said the enemy declares things all the time that are not and never will be but he declares them over us as though they already are! Everything he says are lies. So we can take  the opposite of everything he says and look there to find Truth!  His declarations have no life & no power UNLESS we come into agreement with them. Then we give them life and power because we are the ones with the God-given authority in the Earth. So Beloved, Stop agreeing with what the enemy is declaring over you -they’re all lies! Start agreeing with what the Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit are declaring over you -that is Truth! And you will truly begin to see yourself as that Holy Invading Army of Lights!
Then Holy Spirit told me, Look at the year -5777. What are the symbols for those numbers? I said 5 is for Grace & 7 is Divine Fulfillment. So 5777 is the Triple Crown of His Grace to fulfill His Will upon the earth! He said that’s true but look again -what are the Hebrew symbols for 5777? I looked again & saw 5 is the letter Hey -the Life-Spirit-Wind-Breath-Power-Word of God! 7 is Zayin -a sword. 3 7s is the God ordained army. A God-breathed, God-filled, God-empowered army. 5777 is the Holy Invading Army of Lights! He said, that’s it! This is the Year of the Advance God’s Holy Invading Army of Lights! This is the year that He sends us out as the blazing Light of His Love, to invade darkness, to take captivity captive and to set the captives free, through Love, Justice, Peace and the display of His magnificent Power! Welcome 2017! Welcome 5777!
And for your reference, here’s the vision that was referenced above.

Vision @ VCC from 5/4/12 during song Unto The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne 

I sensed the Presence of Magnificent Majesty on High. Then I saw the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, crowned, in the midst of the Emerald Throne in the midst of heaven. He was dancing & leaping & running & twirling & roaring. He was pounding the ground of heaven with His Paws & I could see/hear the beat of the pounding reverberating in the earth. He leapt & spun. Then He ran across the heaven. Then He stood & roared over us.

We were all there -all saints throughout all millennia, those of ages past, present & ages to come not yet born. All gathered around the Emerald Throne worshipping the Lamb with hands reaching out pouring out our hearts with songs of Joy as the King of Kings rejoices over us with singing, exuberant joy & leaping.

The whole atmosphere was filled with movement -angelic hosts swirling in the midst of heaven.

It was an amazing celebration & revelry being poured out.

I asked what did this mean.

I saw the Lion stand again & roar over us. He said this is His Commissioning of us, releasing us to live & move in His Power, Strength & Authority.

Then He stood & pounded the earth again with His huge paws -pounding with all His weight & power. He said, This is My Battle Cry. I’m calling My Troops & rallying them from the 4 corners of the earth to prepare & ready them for the battle to come.

Then He started leaping, spinning & dancing while roaring over us with exuberant song as we shouted with praise in response to our King. I asked what did this mean. He said this is the victory celebration for the war to come. I thought to myself that was unusual as an army doesn’t usually celebrate victory until after the war is fought. He replied we’re celebrating in advance of the battle for the war is already won!

Karen Ladage
Undone by the Love of The One 💗