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Word for 2018!

2018 -the Year of Abundant Life!

In Hebrew the word for Life is Chai. The numerical value of the word Chai is 18.

For New Year’s Eve Papa had me wear a particular bracelet. When I looked at it I saw it had a Star of David with the Hebrew word Chai in the middle. To Life!

8 is also the number of New Beginnings.
10 is the number of Godly human authority.
2018 is the Year of the New Beginning of the Godly authority of the New Man in Christ!

2018 is the year of the Reset. But it’s not Reset like we would do to start over from new, from scratch. It’s the Year of God’s Divine Reset where He takes all that has gone before that seemed to just be jumbles of failure and humiliation & puts it all back together in such a way that makes it all make sense & leapfrogs you into your Purpose, Design & Destiny!

You know that when God brought Moses to the encounter at the Burning Bush that was a sudden God Reset! All the years of apparent failure, disappointment & languishing “in the backside of the desert” suddenly were Reset & everything fell into place for him to fulfill the purpose for which he was born -to deliver a Nation!

And you know when Joseph was suddenly called from the prison to the palace it was a God Divine Reset! All those years of bearing up under betrayal, false accusation, serving an alien master in a foreign land, thrown in a dungeon, running a prison, feeling lost, alone & abandoned by family & God but then there was a sudden God Reset! And he was launched into the palace & propelled to prominence to fulfill the purpose for which he was born -to save his family line, the line of the Messiah, & many Nations!

And you know that on the 3rd day, there was a sudden God Reset for Yeshua! He’d served a Nation, declaring God’s Truth, healing their sick, raising the dead & setting captives free! And what thanks did he get for it? Betrayal by a friend, rejection by his family, abandoned by his friends, falsely accused, wrongfully condemned & illegally executed for a crime he did not commit. But God Reset! And on the 3rd day it was a whole new story! He rose from the grave & is now the First-Born forever of all the children of God & ever lives to make Intercession for us, making a way for us to come into our Destiny & Calling, to fulfill the Purpose for which we were born! To make His Name Glorious in all the Earth, that the whole Earth will be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of God! Go forth & be Glorious for our King! He’s aligning you with your Destiny!

Karen Ladage

Undone by the Love of The One πŸ’—
One Heart! One Spirit! All for One King!