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Heart Cry of the Bride


Worship is Personal & Relational

I love the Lord and I love to worship Him! He is so worthy of all that we have to give. I believe worship is a pouring out to our King of the things He has given us –our hearts, our souls, our minds, our giftings, our movement –all in an offering of that which is uniquely and individually “us” to Him Who made us.

You can’t worship Him for me because you are not me. And I can’t worship Him for you because I am not you. And when I don’t worship Him, or you don’t worship Him, then there’s something missing from the fabric of worship.

Your unique relationship with Him flavors the atmosphere of your worship, as does mine. I believe that it takes all the worship of every saint everywhere, in every period of time and eternity, worshipping the King together, to offer up the fullness of worship that He is so worthy of. And while we are individuals we are not independent, but rather interdependent upon one another and abjectly dependent on Him!

We are individual parts of One Body and when one “part” doesn’t show up to the table, then there’s lack and there’s something missing. I need you to worship my King so that He may receive ALL the honor He’s due, just as you need me to worship our King so that His Praise May Be Made Glorious In All the Earth (Ps. 66:2) so that the whole earth may be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of our King! (Hab.2:14).